There are many products in the market which are made out of hammered sheets of copper. In home decors, there are sinks and mirrors that can be installed in the kitchen and bathroom, respectively, which are made out of the textured sheets. They are considered as elegant home decors that deserve to be a part of the interiors of grand houses. There are even bathtubs which are made out these hammered sheets to make the bathtub functional but also decorative as well. Mirrors made out of textured copper sheets are usually rendered as the masterpiece of many hammered sheet makers. The masterpiece mirror would usually be handcrafted to show raw artistic capabilities. There are mirrors in different shapes which are also coated in natural copper or weather copper. Falling in love with these textured sheets is something that might happen soon after you see some pieces of this work of art. There are online stores which are selling a wider range of hammered products and bike storage shed that have qualities to become collector’s items.